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Discover the art of American Italian cuisine. La Piazza Ristorante offers a wide variety of menu items guarantee to satisfy its customers and their appetites for exquisite dishes. We pride ouselves in providing truly palatable recipes surrounded by an inviting traditional Italian theme to provide everyone with an unforgettable dinning experience .

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Did you know?
While some of the most popular dishes associated with the Italian culture include a tempting slice of pizza and a heaping plate of pasta, there is much more to the world of Italian cooking. Throughout the many regions in Italy, the distinctive cuisine of the Italians shines through in a wide-range of eating habits, styles of cooking, and selection of local ingredients.

History of Pizza and Pasta
Much of what the world knows as Italian food has its roots in southern Italy, especially Naples and Sicily. The working class and peasants holds the claim to fame on creating pizza and pasta. Historically, pizza was not served with tomato sauce but rather rubbed with oil and served with fish. Once tomatoes were brought to Italy, pizza makers started creating red sauce pizza topped with fish or other meat. In the 1800's it wasn't uncommon to see pizza sellers on the side of the road in Naples. This tradition has continued, although the pizza is now sold in small shops and pizzerias as opposed to carts lined up in the street. Macaroni is a term used when describing hard shaped pasta pieces. It was the peasant's food, along with pizza, because it was inexpensive to make and had a very long shelf life. Italy even exported macaroni to other countries needing cheap, long-lasting food. Some researchers have found documents that appear to mention the use of macaroni in Italy as early as the 12th century. Spaghetti is another type of dried pasta, and was historically served with fish and olive oil with garlic. Spaghetti Bolognese didn't become the norm until tomatoes were introduced to Italy.

Come and enjoy American Italian traditional finest cuisine.
Dinner Sandwiches
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Served with French fries / add a house salad or a bowl of soup for $2.59

Half pound cheeseburger
Thick and juicy! A half pound of lean chunky fresh ground and specially seasoned according to our own recipe. Char grilled just right, topped with melted cheese then garnished with lettuce, tomato and pickle on
a toasted bun.
Bleu Burger
Our thick and juicy burger char-grilled and topped with bleu cheese melted till bubbly. Served on a toasted bun.
Select Sandwiches
Homemade Meatball sandwich
With our marinara sauce.
Ribeye steak sandwich
Broiled to order and served juicy.
Fish fillet
Flaky fillet of cod on a toasted bun the with tartar sauce.
Chicken Parmigiana
Breaded chicken breast topped with our tomato sauce and mozzarella, served on a toasted bun.
Italian Sausage
With our marinara sauce.
Italian beef
Served with au jus or marinara.
Hoagie Steak
Seasoned Hoagie steak served on a toasted garlic French Roll and served with a side of delicious French fries.

Add ons $1.59 each for peppers, giardinera, cheese, sautéed mushrooms.

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